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Simi Guides (originally established as Indian Guides, Indian Princesses, and later Adventure Guides) is a fun, casual program designed for Parents and Children ages 5-10. The program is designed to offer fun experiences to help parents develop a bond with their children and build a loving and trusting relationship that will last a lifetime. The Guides program is a unique learning experience for both parent and child.

The Shimiji Federation is the Simi Valley chapter of the YMCA Guides program. We encourage you as a parent to “get to know your kid while your kid is still a kid.” During their elementary school years, children tend to see their parents as guides, teachers, and heroes. They start to understand that parents protect and nurture them. A strong relationship is based on our ability to ask open-ended questions that help our children think and move beyond simple yes or no responses. We strive to invite our children to accept challenges and opportunities, celebrate accomplishments, and face fears. For these reasons, we have designed the program for one parent and one child to participate together for most activities.

‘Tribes’ are made-up of Mother/Daughter, Mother/Son, Father/Daughter and Father/Son. Tribes meet monthly or bi-weekly as determined by each group with Monthly Federation Events to help encourage participation. If this dynamic is not practical for your family or others in your group, you are welcome to work with your YMCA leaders to develop a structure within the program that works for you.

Contact Us for more information on the Guides Program or to learn How to Join a tribe.